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Greenferry Water Crisis Comments

A big round of applause for Kootenai County officials who have swung into action this spring to protect the 5-acre Rule so critical for Aquifer water protection. As the population of our county grows to monumental proportions, limiting septic drainfield density over the Aquifer has to be non-negotiable.

Our commissioners and county planners are sensitive to public health and safety. The county’s emergency ordinance and an upcoming amendment to the Land Use and Development Code will make the Five-acre Rule a permanent part of the County Code.

Over a thousand Greenferry Water and Sewer District customers are very anxious to benefit from the 5-acre Rule at a time when our sole source water remains at severe risk from septic tank pollution involving a future high-density development.

We urge the commissioners and county planners to study the latest data collected by the Idaho Department of Water Resources (IDWR) which shows that Greenferry water wells south of the Spokane river are completed in the Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer and are therefore worthy of strict 5-acre Rule protection, exactly like aquifer wells north of the river.

Jane Morgan


My name is Bruce Edwards, MD, MPH. I am a physician with training in Occupational and Environmental medicine. I spent much of my career in the US Air Force working on pollution sites from Air Force bases due to poor environmental stewardship. Many of those areas became Superfund sites which cost millions of dollars to mitigate and placed our citizens at risk.


I am also a citizen who feels at risk from the Bayshore Estates sewage impact on the water supply. I have a well less than one mile from the proposed high density housing development.


When we looked back at some of the decisions made by USAF leaders with regard to waste disposal, many of them stated that they would have made much different decisions if they knew of the potential impact at the time.


We have that knowledge today about the aquifer and the impact of such high density septic systems placed within the fragile aquifer zone.


In my professional opinion, I feel that the decision to move forward with this level of waste draining directly into the aquifer will prove to be costly to mitigate and potentially dangerous to the public who depend on this area for clean water from wells.

Bruce M Edwards, MD, MPH

I am totally against development of the field behind my house. Our elected officials have a duty to protect the livelihood of their constituents and not go off on their own agendas for the sake of lining the money pockets of a few. Such is going on all over Kootenai County with mass housing. I applaud all who are doing research regarding protection of the aquifer.

Adrienne C. McDowell (commonly known as Chris)
765 S. Kelly Rd. CDA

Dear Jane and David,

My name is Larry Marble. I live at 10404 West Riverview Drive. I agree that any development at that site should adhere to current water quality standards. At the open meeting when the developer was trying to change the zoning I spoke before the board and told them that their conditional approval ten years previous was based on flawed standards.


Thank you for your continued efforts to fight and maintain our water quality and our quality of life which is threatened by high density housing. If you ever need boots on the ground please don’t hesitate to contact me. I will be online for the zoom meeting. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to assist the Greensferry Stakeholders. Best regards,

Larry Marble
Marble Construction Co / Chelsea Property Management

I am so thankful for people like Jane Morgan and Dave Shults who have worked tirelessly to protect our Greensferry District water source.  We wouldn't have known all that was taking place, or what could have happened without this knowledge.

Barbara Grant Web Design
Post Falls

I truly appreciate your efforts on behalf of all of us who depend on Greenferry Water. It is sad that we have to protect our sole water source against developers and other entities willing to contaminate it for their own financial gain. I can’t believe that it is even legal to do this, and possibly accomplish it. Water is a basic necessity of life and here it is being treated like a negotiable commodity. I don’t understand it. Please continue the good work that you do!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Susan Sloyka
892 S Greenferry Rd
Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

To Whom It May Concern,
As residents in the Greensferry Water district, we would like to express our concerns. Public officials are refusing to recognize the potential harm that a high density septic system would do to our water district and aquifer recharge area. The impact of these decisions could pave the way for potential health concerns and lawsuits. The proposed 57 septic tanks for Bayshore Estates subdivision over our aquifer is a threat to our drinking water. As residents, we would like our concerns to be heard and addressed. The potential for contamination should outweigh the county's desire for urban sprawl.

Thank you for your time!

Jonathan and Anissa Gamble

Hello Greenferry Water People,
We just discovered your website in browsing and we’re impressed with your community effort to protect your water. It’s fantastic when people band together for the common good.

Sounds like you have your hands full right now. But don’t give up the good fight. What’s more important than safe water? Thank you for all you do!!

Mary Maio, Sagle Idaho